Each year, MKS asks every Keppel family to donate in order to fully fund our school's

Dance, Drama, Music and Visual-Art classes, plus support other school-wide Art programs.

This year MKS is asking for a donation of $125 per student

MKS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity and all donations are tax-deductible.

Thank you for investing in your school via MKS!

Frequently Asked Questions About Donating

How Do I Give?

Click the Donate Now button and you will be able to give online, via PayPal. If you prefer to donate via check or cash, you may mail in your donation to MKS in care of:

Mark Keppel Visual and Performing Arts Magnet School

730 Glenwood Road

Glendale, CA 91202

Cash and Checks may also be dropped off at the school front office.  Checks may be payable to: MKS. As always, please indicate child's name and classroom teacher.


Why should I Give?

Your donations pay for 100% of the four Resident Artist classes that our Keppel students take during the year, as well as Art Supplies and other art-related school-wide events for all Keppel Families to enjoy. The money does not come from the District, from Grants or your Tax Dollars.


Why should I care about the arts?

Studies show that children who study the Arts are 4 times as likely to be recognized for academic achievement, do better on standardized tests, have higher GPAs overall and are more likely to earn a college degree.


I can't donate the full amount of $125, what should I do?

Our annual fund is not only about funding our Arts programs, but also about coming together as a community to support our school. Really, truly, any amount helps, so please give what you can. We also accept payments in installments throughout the year via PayPal if that is better for your budget.

For more ideas on how to support MKS, check out the options under the Support heading at the top of the page.



In the 2016-2017 school year, Mark Keppel kids will benefit from a record donation of $95,000 made to the school by the Make Keppel Special Foundation (MKS)

Of that donation, $65,000 will fund the entire salaries of the four MKS Resident Artists: your child's dance teacher, drama teacher, visual-arts teacher and music teacher.

The remaining $30,000 is earmarked to help fund intervention teachers, certified teachers who not only assist classroom teachers and their students, but effectively reduce class size.

MKS was able to make these generous donations because of your generous support. 

In the 2015-2016 school year, MKS raised roughly $85,000

  • $54,340 from Keppel families, their employers' matching gifts and community sponsors

  • $29,588 from the Apex Fun Run

  • $2,000 from various scrip (Ralphs, Target, Vons)

These numbers are based on figures reported at the MKS Annual Meeting on May 17, 2016.

At the meeting, the MKS general fund balance was said to be roughly $177,250. (This amount reflected our balance before we wrote the checks for the $95,000 in 2016-2017 donations.) 

MKS is entirely volunteer run, and currently has only one ongoing expense: $450 a month (for 11 months) for the Certified Public Accountant services of RKG Professional Tax Services

Additionally, MKS has earmarked $500 to pay RKG to prepare the foundation's annual taxes. MKS initially contracted with RKG in 2015 when the job of keeping MKS' books became too big and complex for any one parent-volunteer.