Contribute to MKS at no extra cost with these Community Rewards Programs

Did you know that you can support Arts Education at Mark Keppel every time you shop at Ralphs or If you enroll in the Community Rewards programs of these businesses and select Make Keppel Special as your chosen charity, they will donate money to us for every purchase you make. We are also working with, which will contribute to MKS every time you open up a tab on your web browser.

It's simple to enroll in these programs, and the donations happen automatically. Best of all, it comes at no extra cost to you! The busy holiday season is just starting, so take 5 minutes now to make the change.

To sign up for these programs, click on the links below:


Ralphs Reward Plus Card

The more people who participate in this program, the stronger the ARTS will be at Mark Keppel VAPA Magnet, so let your friends, family, and neighbors know!