The Family Fund Drive kicks off on August 29, 2019 and runs until November 8, 2019. This year, due to rising costs and the recent addition of a fourth Resident Artist, our goal is to raise $200,000. To reach this level, we are asking each Keppel family to donate:

$125 per student

MKS is the sole source of funding for four distinct art classes and additional art programs. Without YOUR donations, Keppel would lose the curriculum for which we are renowned.

Your donations go toward:

Four Distinct Art Classes – Each year, as part of the school curriculum, every Mark Keppel student receives instruction from our Resident Artists in three out of four different art disciplines, which include dance, music, theatre, and visual art. These classes are 100% funded through your donations and have been for over 10 years.

Supplies - Paper, canvas, paint, clay, props, instruments and more are all key elements of your child's art instruction.

Masterclass - 4th and 5th graders have the opportunity to participate in Masterclass.  This year-long program meets at least once a week and is designed to demonstrate the different elements required to produce a musical.  Masterclass culminates with a theatrical production performed for the community during the third trimester. Past productions include: Beauty and The Beast, Jr., Aladdin Jr. and Peter Pan Jr.

Intervention Teachers – During the school day, these teachers work in small groups with students who may need a little more time going over concepts learned in the classroom. This allows the primary teacher to continue lessons with the rest of the class, which benefits all students throughout the school, at every grade level.

Additionally, MKS produces art-related events for the whole Keppel community to enjoy. These fun events include our Keppel Rocks the Arts concert, Art Night, and the Fourth Grade Silent Film Festival. Please help ensure Keppel's important art programs are fully-funded by donating today. You can make a difference!

The Family Fund Drive seeks contributions from every family. Even small amounts are critical to the success of this Drive. Though we primarily ask for donations from our Keppel Families, we also welcome donations from anyone in the community, such as grandparents, co-workers, friends, or neighbors. Every penny contributed to the Family Fund Drive goes entirely and directly to MKS. There is no middleman or other company with whom we split the donation. As such, the best way to maximize your donation is to contribute to MKS directly during the Family Fund Drive.

Many businesses offer to match their employees' donations. MKS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all donations are tax-deductible. (Please consult your tax professional for more details)


An envelope and brochure will be distributed at Back-to-School Night with more information. You can place your donation (cash or check) in the envelope and return it to your child's teacher that same evening. Alternatively, you can return the envelope to your child's teacher or to the front office later on during our drive, which extends through November 8, 2019. Please make checks payable to: MKS.

If you would like to pay online via PayPal, head over to the SUPPORT tab at the top of this page. Donations can also be made in smaller payments throughout the year if that better suits your budget.