The Apex Fun Run comes to Mark Keppel VAPA Magnet

fun run image.png

A look at last years' Fun Run:


From February 5-16th, the Apex Fun Run will be at Mark Keppel VAPA Magnet School. During these 2 weeks, students are challenged to get pledges for the laps they will run on Friday, February 16th. Students will run for 30 minutes and average 26-36 laps, with the maximum amount of laps being 36 (each lap is 1/16 of a mile).  Sponsors can pledge $1, $2, $5 or any other amount for each lap students run. All participants will receive an access code that allows you to enter pledges online.  The Apex Fun Run is for every student regardless of financial giving.  All students will receive Apex bands, race-day lap counters, and team awards. Funds raised this year will be going to the Make Keppel Special Foundation to support Resident Art Teachers, Intervention Staff and other Arts & Enrichment Programs. 


We need lots of volunteers to make the event a success! To sign up, click